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Friday, February 25, 2011

my liverpOOL :D

yeahhh!! sure esok hariku bertambah tenang dengan senyuman yg hebat, even kalah doc fadzilah kamsah punye senyum yg tenang.. pasti setiap langkah yg diambil dlm perajalanan pegi ke ofis nanti menjadi lebih senang+calm+cool+rase ringan je :D))

tapi apesal ni?? hehe yep sure r kerana "my liverpOOL" yang telah menang ke atas Sparta Praha pagi jumaat ni.. we won 1-0.. juz 1gol?? doesn't matter, as long we can keep moving to da next round in the Europa League.. wohoo!!

fuck off to all other fan club if they think it is juz an Europa League, who cares!! it still a cup can be proud of.. keep on winning liverpOOL!!! thanx to our King - Kenny Dalglish as he make the Reds awake from long sleep.. great effort by Dirk Kuyt in hunting the goal.. u prove that Torres is nothing compare to u - Torres is not an aggresiv-type player in hunting a goal even his finishing is good.. but we need more effort, like what Kuyt alwez did..

haha mmg enjoy stiap kali liverpOOL maen kat home, enjoy ngan "chant" yg bes2 dari penyokong liverpOOL... ni adelah chant feveret aku :

" All round the Fields of Anfield Road Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play) We had Heighway on the wing We had dreams and songs to sing Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road "


Ecah Ecot said...

go2!!!(x iklas sbb sokong MU..wahaha!)

neslO_ais said...

xsabe gak tggu match man-u & liverpOOl mac nnti :D