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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


ahah! today lets talk about anime ! pehh excited bile dgr anime..
~ weh beb anime tu mende? haha to those who soo noob coz xtau psl anime, inilah jawapan se-simple-nye : kartun animasi jepun laaa..

anime yg berjaya menarik minatku dari dahulu kala untill now is - One Piece !
siyes bile sebot je title tuh sure2 ter-excited lebih, semangat suddenly boost-up beb! Fanatic! :D

Well to me, One Piece ni anime yg very light but full of message..xperlu pikir2 pon, anyone can understand the sense of humor, the message, the story flow etc...mmg cool! :D

not juz a cartoon, it's full of drama too! kalo tak tergelak mmg xsah bile layan, tp ade jugak membe girls yg layan anime nih sampai MENANGES..!? huhu i'm not juz bluffing, it's tru tho.. kalo xcaya cer try layan :D

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

euro 2012 !

Ey ey semifinal EURO beb!
Well my favorite team – SPAIN! , will play against Portugal (Booooo!)
Another match is German vs Italy... (think german will thru :D)
But in any match pon, the main thing is the ‘style of football’… perlawanan yg menarik tu lah yg paling BEST! Kalo Spain maen cam haram pon sure2 kene kutuk gak – no bias..! but so far spain’s style with ‘pass & play’ mmg sgt HEBAT! (sambil kesat air mata..) German plak mmg salute ngan teamwork dorang, Portugal still play below potential coz player dorang mmg star (individual) but still struggle to play as a team… Italy plak looks better than before, mcm biase defence dorang mmg mantap.
Well, all team in the semis are great, ‘m looking forward for both match. nak tau lebih2 psl jadual match leh klik sini.

SPAIN vs PORTUGAL      (28/06/2012, 2.45am)
GERMANY vs ITALY         (29/06/2012, 2.45am)

p/s: problemnye skang ni, match spain – khames pg, soknye keje weh!!! sure ngantok2 wat keje.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Back Again :D

(haha saje letak Tony Chopper nih, bajet happy.huhu)

Well helloo guys..em quite some time I’ve been silent/inactive/senyap-bebenar from blogging…
Yep for sure I miss it..neway there was a reason (alasan…)~ 

but hey mybe it's time to back! :D 

after 4 times changing career, siyes xde mase beb.. but finally ade jgak keje yg memberi mase utk berblog..agegee~
Indeed dah lame rase nak update new post, but haven’t got the time! (padahal malas gile weh…)
Ni pon curi2 mase jap, coz boss dtg lmbt rini..haha (tgk keliling kalo2 boss maen nyorok2 plak)..
Hey looking forward to myself utk update lg...soon! hehe :D