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Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm Back Again :D

(haha saje letak Tony Chopper nih, bajet happy.huhu)

Well helloo guys..em quite some time I’ve been silent/inactive/senyap-bebenar from blogging…
Yep for sure I miss it..neway there was a reason (alasan…)~ 

but hey mybe it's time to back! :D 

after 4 times changing career, siyes xde mase beb.. but finally ade jgak keje yg memberi mase utk berblog..agegee~
Indeed dah lame rase nak update new post, but haven’t got the time! (padahal malas gile weh…)
Ni pon curi2 mase jap, coz boss dtg lmbt rini..haha (tgk keliling kalo2 boss maen nyorok2 plak)..
Hey looking forward to myself utk update lg...soon! hehe :D


Ecah Ecot said...

yo yo! long time no see....haha...welcome back...ewah!

Cikya said...

welcome back!
sure take a long break neslo..

haha, when will the spain vs portugal match?
I got exam for tomorrow n this thurday..

spare me some time..


hoho, same goes to me lohh.. welcome back yoo!! :D